The Buying Process


As your buyer advisor, we will represent you and your interests—so you will be able to make the right decision for you and your family.  The more we know about you, your needs, constraints and desired neighbourhoods the better we can help you in finding your dream home.  While you are sharing your needs with us, we get you in tune with the Market with our weekly Market Review.

Each week we send you a full MLS (Multiple Listing Service) link to every property that is newly listed, sold or had a price adjustment.  Prior to entering into a Contract of Purchase and Sale on any home, we ensure you understand how the entire buying and selling process works and give you copies of all paperwork involved.  Buying a home is the biggest investment most people make in their life.  We will make your purchase as smooth as possible.


We start with financing and we encourage you to contact more than one lender or mortgage broker and explore the rates being offered. Pre-approval is very helpful, you will know your affordability and comfort level and be in a stronger negotiating position when it comes to making an offer. 


Finding the perfect home is important, it is an increasingly transparent market place and it is important to keep well informed and look at all your options. We love showing homes and it is important to look at enough homes that you know what you really like.  Buyers often change their wish lists  - they usually get larger. 


 As your representative, we are working for you and in your best interests.  A home listed might be overpriced,  there may be negative factors, or it may need costly repairs or renovations. It is our duty to review all the comparable properties and details and give you advice prior to making an offer. We have negotiated thousands of successful purchases, and have lots of testimonials and experience.  Once we have an accepted offer with satisfactory terms and price that both you and the seller agree to, we work with you to get the terms fulfilled. We recommend every buyer have the home professionally inspected by a Home Inspector and every buyer consult with the local municipal body and lawyer regarding any concerns. Our job is to protect you as a consumer.

Once all terms are deemed fulfilled, you provide us with a deposit which is held in a Trust Account until closing at which time it is forwarded to lawyers and becomes part of your purchase price.  Most deposits these days are in the 5% of the purchase price range, must be wired funds or a bank draft.  


We make sure our clients move into a clean home (unless purchasing an as-is).  We do a pre-walk through prior to closing and we are there to hand over the keys and celebrate with champagne and flowers.    


Upon the successful closing of your purchase, we will give a donation of $200.00 to your choice of charity.  Or you may choose from the charities listed on our web site.  The donations will also be posted on our website blog. 

Joni and Gail will also provide free accommodation to qualified Buyers while searching for a new home.  Hanbury Cottage, South Beach Cottage and McNair Creek Cottage are available for Buyers.  Please contact Joni and Gail for details. 


We are a team and take pride in offering full service to all our clients.  We love our work and have a wonderful unlicensed assistant behind the scenes, Sharon Anderchek.  Sharon is extremely competent and assists in preparing advertisements, proofing, tracking activity and preparing reports while we are on the road.  Every year we are recognized by the Real Estate Board for our achievement – we have the Master Medallion with the Real Estate Board and in the Sutton Group Presidents Club for our years of high achievement.  

Our Company, Sutton West Coast Realty is one of the largest brokerages in Canada with 24 offices under the same umbrella.  Sutton Group, our mother company has been in business for over 30 years, is 100% Canadian owned and has brokerages all across Canada with combined efforts earning the trust of millions of customers. The company offers us great support while being efficient and forward-thinking. Sutton Group purchased our office building in Gibsons Landing at 655 School Road in 2007 because they could see it was a prime high traffic  “gateway location”. 


To be the Realtors® of choice in our area and earn business by providing unmatched professionalism, value and service.


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